Are you looking for a professional vehicle assessor in Leipzig? Do you need a legally binding damage report for your car insurance or would like to get a value estimation of your vehicle?

Müller’s Büro is a neutral and independent expert agency with years of experience.

We examine

  • ZCars, trucks and campervans
  • ZTrike, motorcycles and bicycles
  • ZConstruction, agricultural and forest machineries

We offer

  • Emergency Service: We guarantee within one business day a review by a qualified expert onsite.
  • Onsite-Site: Services are offered onsite at your home or during the day also at your workplace

Our Services

  • PCreation of vehicle damage assessment in liability case
  • PFraud detection
  • PAccident reconstruction
  • PPreservation of evidence report
  • PExpertise on engine-, chassis-, car paint- and car wash damages
  • PTechnical car report
  • PPlausibility and compatibility checks
  • PUsed car market valuation
  • PEvaluation on leased car recoveries
  • PClassic car review
  • POverall condition report (especially for car purchase or sale)
  • PRepair confirmation, audits
  • PFleet management
  • PInsurance settlement

Müller’s Büro is committed to the claim settlement for motor vehicles. We are an independent expert agency with years of experience.

Whether car, motorcycle or bicycle, our competent staff will assist you in any case. We provide damage reports, appraisals and accident reconstructions, advise in any technical issues and check the latest jurisprudence.